Officers 09-10′







Juan Roman

New President of LAS

Hey ya’ll my major is Mechanical Engineering (ME), and minor in Education, however, I am planning to switch to Applied Math, emphasis in ME and minor in Education Fall 2010. This is my second year here at UC Merced and I enjoy it so much. Back in high school I was involved in clubs and I wanted to continue with that path . I believe that by being involved in clubs one gets the opportunity to learn new things. For instance, clubs allows one to strengthen his or her communication skills and most important the role of a leader. With that said, I wanted to become the President of this wonderful club known as (LAS). At first I was unsure that I would make it as President due to the fact that I was a new member and not a lot of people new me nor my personality, but that did not stop me from running on the election. Fortunately, with the help of everyone, I was elected as President of the Latino Associated Students Club of UCM.

I want to thank all those who voted me as President and believed on me that I could make a difference.

“Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in
themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish
their goals.” -Barbara Jean


Florencio H. Garcia

*My Current Major is Computer Science (CSE)

*This is my 2nd year at UC Merced

*I decided to not let  let go away any opportunity I would find on my College path. Hence to that commitment I decided to take advantage of this opportunity offered  in the  UC Level clubs, which was to gain experience and endure it through out the years. – This is how I bacame the V-President of LAS

New Vice President (Co-Chair)




Edgar I. Flores

New Officer of Administration (Secretary)


Shanti Sanchez

New Officer of Finance



Zayra Rodriguez

Officer of Advertising




Adriana Monterroza

Officer of History


Martin Sanchez

My major is Mechanical Engineer (ME)

I’m a Senior; 4th year at UC Merced.

I join LAS of Merced Club 3 years ago. It has been a good experience. I have learn the importance of working with others and to volunteer for community service. For me LAS is more than just a club; for me LAS is my family. Every one of LAS members are my friends and they now they can count with me.


The technologist



Raul Munoz

Major: Psychology

Year: Third year/Junior

How I got my position: Juan was in desperate need for an ICC Representative to attend the ICC meetings, so he came to me one day and he asked me, “can you attend the ICC meetings every Monday morning?” I was like “yeah”, and he was like “cool you are now the ICC Rep for LAS, congratulations!” And then Juan said “gosh finally I got a rep!”

About Me: I’m a chill, nice, and friendly person. I like meeting new people. I’m also the adventurous type who likes to try out new things and down for almost anything. Some things I’ve done for this club is that I’ve presented bills that help us get money to host events such as Mexican Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo, and more. What I’d like to see in this club is to learn about the different Latino cultures, as well as make new friends and make lasting connections. With that said, let’s have a fun year! 😀

ICC Representative


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