About The Club


Latino Associated Students

UC Merced

The purpose of Latino Associated Students (LAS) of UC Merced is to enhance and expand the knowledge of the Latino culture in the UC Merced community. Furthermore, LAS will seek to encourage education, do community service, plan cultural and social activities as well as support a positive academic experience, not only at UC Merced but also in our surrounding communities.

We describe LAS as a cultural conservative club. All LAS activities are done with intentions of promoting, teaching, and sharing our culture from fundraisers to discussions to demonstrations to activities. Our cultures which include our people’s values, food, history, language, spiritual beliefs, dance, and of course traditions, etc. has been in existence for many years. As a club it is our responsibility to continue on with our cultural traditions and to teach them to all those who now live here in our Campus and our surrounding communities.

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7 thoughts on “About The Club

  1. Hi,

    I am considering coming to UC-Merced I am an AB-540 student and I am looking for other students in my position to learn how they are managing. Please email me back with any information. Thank you.

    -Andrea Jimenez

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I am Justin Gomez, the Director of Recruiting for LAS. We do collaborate with SED, Students Empowering Dreams, and they work with AB-540 Students.UC Merced is one of the ideal places for a. AB-540 students considering the majority of enrolled Latino students as well as opportunities and support for them, even student immigrants, such as myself. I am more than happy to help you get in touch with them and get help. Furthermore, LAS encourages you to join our club, we hope that you make the right choice and and come to UC Merced.

  3. Hello i em currently a freshman and i em interested in joining LAS. i unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the first meeting so i’m not sure if i missed anything that i needed be aware, perhaps any upcoming events, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank You!

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